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About The BIB

BigBull Finance (BIB) we want to build an active and growing community help everyone how to invest better in this Crypto world

BIB token allows all users to hold billions or even trillions of tokens and instant 5% rewards for holders.

BIB Build Eco system:
1. BIB help to build Smart investor community
2. Solution Micro-payment in IoT, renewable energy, green energy
3. NFT market place transaction
4. Defi swap market and Yield farming and staking

How It Works?

The first BIB focuses on solving problems related to Micro-payment and Micro-transaction in IoT.

On BIB, we will build a transaction ecosystem in the field of IoT

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Payment anywhere in IoT

BIB focuses on building Mobile applications to manage connections and payments between devices anywhere.

Safe & Secure

BIB is built on the Blockchain platform, one of the most stable and secure technologies in the world today.

Decentralized in IoT

BIB based on this decentralized platform, all transactions or connections between your devices will not go through any 3rd party management and personal information security

A peer-to-peer internet currency in IoT

BIB can be said that this is a future transaction revolution, especially digital transactions, it is safe, secure and stable and BIB is in that ecosystem

BIB Tokens

BIB run on BEP20. BEP-20 is a token standard on Binance Smart Chain that extends ERC-20, the most common Ethereum token standard.

Type : Token
Name : BigBull Finance
Symbol: BIB
Curent price: 1 BIB = 0.000000001 USD
Blockchain : BEP20
Exchange : Pancakeswap
Address token : 0x46a563ac60b2c89696c032610468b767532206b7


Overview of each stage and development plan of BIB. You can read more the information below

Community - Global Network

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Current price 1 BIB = 0.000000001 USD
You can join to buy BIB tokens on
You can to use your personal wallets like Metamask, TrustWallet,, Binance Chain Wallet..
Just 1 USD you can get millions of BIB tokens with low risk
In addition to buying BIB tokens at a low price, you also receive a 5% fee divided equally among each holder when the transaction occurs. The longer you hold, the more value you get.

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